Top Drop
What is top drop?

top drop is our brand new range of professional in-salon treatments, available in hydrate, repair and platinum blonde, that dish up instant hair gratification quickly, simply and effectively while respecting people and the planet.

What makes top drop treatments unique?

instant results

each treatment provides results that can be seen and felt instantly. simply spray on the hair, comb through and rinse… no extra time required.


we could have used imaginary technology to make these products sound fancy but we haven’t. it’s the high concentration of active ingredients that give epic results. no bs required.

just how good are the results?

we did some tests on some humans and we did some tests with some fancy machines (because we know how much everyone likes the cold hard facts) and the results came back like this...

top drop hydrate concentrate leaves hair with 48% less frizz*

top drop repair concentrate improves combability by 83%*

top drop platinum blonde concentrate instantly reduces brassiness with results being seen for up to 6 washes*

all treatments preserve colour vibrancy for up to 12 washes…
we think that’s worth talking about.

*based on instrumental colour longevity, hydration, combability on dry hair, and anti-yellow test results conducted in 2021 for evo.