Our Salon Exclusive Smoothing Treatment

Make your hair styling routine easier with a Smoothing Treatment.

Struggle with Frizzy or Thick hair? Tired of spending so much time trying to control your unruly hair?

Then an AURA Smoothing Treatment is for you.

You may of heard of a Brazilian Blow Dry or a Keratin Smoothing Treatment. We believe that AURA is even better.

Sometimes called ‘Botox for Hair’ AURA is a HYALURONIC ACID Smoothing Treatment that can change the way you style your hair.

A biotechnological, vegan hair treatment that straightens and softens the hair fibre and eliminates frizz.

AURA is formulated with a premium complex of hyaluronic acid - applying this premium hyaluronic acid to hair offers intense hydration and protection. It increases shine and has an anti-pollution barrier effect

Aura Vegan

Veganism defends a philosophy and lifestyle that seeks to exclude, as much as possible, any form of exploitation or cruelty to animals, in food, products, clothing times cosmetics...

Products are considered to be vegan if:

They do not contain ingredients of animal origin
They do not contain ingredients made by animals (milk, honey)
They have not been tested on animals (cruelty free)

Hyaluronic acid is an essential element found in the human body that acts like a sponge. It's main characteristic is it's hydrating power. It's molecules are hydrophilic water-lovers that are able to store water cells and tissue.

Applying this essential element hair create a hydrating layer over the hair fibre and offers intense hydration and protection of the hair.

Smoothing Treatment Menu

AURA Treatment #1 - SLEEK


The most intense and long lasting effect. Leaves hair feeling extra hydrated with natural movement and reduced blow drying time

Recommended for those with medium to coarse hair. Ideal for those wanting to wear their hair straight and smooth

Service time: approx 3 – 4 Hours

Lasts 4 – 6 Months*

Results: Maximum hair smoothness with a natural look, frizz free texture and increased shine and hydration

£200 - £350

(Price on Consultation, dependent on hair length & thickness)​

AURA Treatment #2 - SMOOTH


A frizz controlling treatment that is perfect for hair becomes unmanageable during styling or when exposed to humidity. An Express journey to frizz-free hair

Recommended for most hair types, for those who want a solution to aid in smoothing curls or blow drying straight

Service time: approx 2 Hours

Lasts 3 – 4 Months*

Results: softens hair, eliminated frizz, controls volume and reduces curl intensity

£150 - £200

(Price on Consultation, dependent on hair length & thickness)​

AURA Treatment #3 - ENHANCE


A frizz minimising treatment. A perfect introduction to Hyaluronic Acid Hair Smoothing Treatments 

Recommended for most hair types

Service time: 15 Minutes (plus styling service)

Lasts up to 6 Washes*

Results: Less frizz, improved manageability. An intense flash of hydration for silky, Shiny Hair.

£25 - £30

(Price on Consultation, dependent on hair length & thickness)

(excludes styling service)

* subject to hair condition and porosity, when following recommended homeware advice 


AURA not only straightens hair, it also softens hair fibre and eliminates frizz in extreme humidity. It enhances natural shine and achieves an optimal state of moisture and health for your hair

No, because hair suitability will be established during your consultation

There seems to be no contraindications, but just to be sure we advise checking with your doctor

No, it is 100% free of ammonia and formaldehyde. The product neither contains nor releases any of these chemical products during application

Hair can be coloured 24 hours after the treatment

Yes, however your stylist will first need to asses the condition of your hair to ensure the optimum result

Aggressive colour work will deteriorate the results, so we advise to wait at least 3 weeks after the AURA service before bleaching the hair

AURA is compatible with all chemicals, however, it is not recommend for use on hair treated with henna or metallic dyes, as these types of dye can create a layer that prevents the product from penetrating the hair fibre

It is essential to use a sulphate-free shampoo. We recommend the entire EVO range of homecare products 

Yes, hair can be washed on the day of treatment