©ustomise your ©olour……Blonde or Brunette?

©ustomise your ©olour……Blonde or Brunette?


Unsure whether to go for a Bright Blonde or Beautiful Brunette shade? TIGI Copyright ©olour gives us the option to create both through their ©ustom Blondes and ©ustom Brunettes Collections.


©ustom Blonde 2016


TIGI ©ustom Blonde collection features 5 colour techniques representing 4 TIGI Tribes . PURE BLONDING is represented by the Street Tribe, and is a lightening technique giving sexy, fearless all-over blonde results. TONE ON TONE and SOFT SHADING, both highly in demand, are encapsulated by the Contemporary Tribe. CONTOURING is a hot trend in both hair colour and make-up and fits the Haute Couture Tribe. SEAMLESS HIGHLIGHTS are timeless; the most sought-after in salon service, representing the Classic Tribe.

image-2 image-3 image-4 image-5 image-6


©ustom Brunettes 2016



TIGI ©ustom Brunettes features 4 colour techniques, representing 4 TIGI Tribes.

GLAZING is represented by the Classic Tribe, and it’s an express service for elegant and chic colour with a customised shade formula to add rich depth. CONTOURING is hot trend in both hair colour and make-up, representing high end colouring techniques; it fits the Haute Couture Tribe perfectly. COLOUR POP is represented by the Global Urban Tribe, Bold colour placement for a strong and contrasting colour result. NATURAL ILLUMINATION is a fashion focused technique, a seamless colour blend for luminescent, radiant result emphasised by the Contemporary Tribe.


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